In Copenhagen life is lived in the saddle of a bike, so do as the locals and bike your way through the city on our brand new Instagram friendly JOPO bikes.

Here’s how it works: You rent the bicycle for 24 hours beginning at 9.30 am, which means you have to deliver it back before 9.30 am the following morning. You just have to exchange your photo-ID for the key to your bike when you come to pick it up at our office! This way you are sure to be ready to jump on your new two-wheeled friend in no time.


Why choose us?

✓ Brand new instagram friendly JOPO bikes
✓ Pick-up and drop-off within the inner heart of the city
✓ Bikes for adults and for kids available
✓ Price include helmet and light for your bike
✓ Complimentary map and list of recommendations included
✓ Open every day from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm
✓ Access to lounge with WIFI access
✓ Free luggage storage throughout the duration of your booking

Book your bike now!

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